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Causes of low oil pressure at both ends busy

2020-11-20 09:49:41

If the oil pressure is too low when both ends are busy running, then we must stop the machine immediately to find out the cause, such as the following:

Insufficient amount of oil: If the amount of oil is insufficient, the oil volume of the oil pump will decrease, which will cause the oil pressure to drop and accelerate the wear rate of the crankshaft, bearings, cylinder liners, and pistons.

Engine temperature is too high: If the engine temperature is too high, it will not only accelerate the speed of oil aging and deterioration, but also easily make the oil thin, resulting in a drop in oil pressure.

The oil pump stops and the pump oil is insufficient: the drive size of the oil pump and the fixed pin of the drive shaft are broken, and the mating key falls off, causing the oil pump to suck in foreign matter and jam the pump oil gear, which causes the busy oil pump to stop running and the oil The pressure will also drop to zero. When the oil changes the gap between the pump shaft and the bushing, the gap between the gear end face and the pump cover, the gear gap, and the radial gap exceed the allowable value due to wear, it will cause the pump oil volume to decrease and cause the oil pressure to drop. Busy at both ends, telescopic loaders, underground loaders

Oil pressure sensor failure and oil pipe blockage: If the oil pressure sensor fails, or the oil pipe from the oil injection pipe to the oil pressure sensor is not flowing smoothly due to the accumulation of dirt, the oil pressure surface will show that the oil pressure drops.

Suction pan clogged: If the oil at both ends is very dirty and sticky, it is easy to block the suction pan. When the engine is running at low speed at low throttle, the oil pump suction volume is not large, and the main shaft has not built up a certain pressure, the oil pressure will be in a normal state, but when the throttle is increased, the oil pump suction volume It will be significantly reduced due to excessive suction cup resistance, which will cause the display value of the oil pressure gauge to drop.


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Contact Address: No. 688, Yiwangfu North Road, Qingzhou City, Weifang City, Shandong Province

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