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Both sides are busy with brake fluid requirements

2020-11-20 09:49:41

Low temperature function: If the brake fluid has poor fluidity at low temperature and simply condenses, it will block pipelines, pumps, etc., and the brake pedal will feel very hard when braking, and it will not be able to brake. It is generally required that the brake fluid does not condense at -40°C and flows freely.

Appropriate viscosity: if the viscosity is too large, the fluidity at low temperature will become poor, and the braking function will be reduced; if the viscosity is too small, it cannot provide reliable smoothness and simple leakage in a high temperature environment. In order to ensure that the brake cylinder and the rubber cup can slide well, the brake fluid is required to have an appropriate viscosity.

The boiling point should be high: frequent travel and retreat in each working cycle, the brake pads are in the braking condition for a long time, which will increase the temperature of the brake system. If the brake fluid with low boiling point and easy to evaporate is used, part of the brake system The pipeline of the brake fluid will be filled with brake fluid vapor, resulting in air resistance, causing brake failure. Therefore, it is required that the brake fluid should have a higher boiling point and lower transpiration to reduce the onset of air resistance. Busy at both ends, telescopic loaders, underground loaders


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National Sales Hotline: +86-13258070039

National Service Hotline: +86-536-3251687

Contact Address: No. 688, Yiwangfu North Road, Qingzhou City, Weifang City, Shandong Province

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