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Introduction of telescopic loaders

2020-11-20 09:49:09

The telescopic arm loader is made by the fixed body and the movable body to extend and retract the movable body through the action of the telescopic cylinder, so as to achieve a large loading distance and a reasonable loading height. This type of working device is called a telescopic arm loading machine.

Telescopic boom device With the development of construction and installation engineering and national defense industries, telescopic boom structures have been widely used in engineering practice. Its advantages are: it has a larger bearing capacity at a small amplitude, and a longer working distance and a higher working height under the allowable load. The telescopic boom structure is mostly used on engineering vehicles or other transportation vehicles. Telescopic loaders are mainly developed for loaders that are affected by their inherent structure, and generally have limited flexibility of booms or sticks, which causes their loading distance to be affected accordingly and it is difficult to meet the requirements of the construction site. Busy at both ends, telescopic loaders, underground loaders

Features of telescopic boom:

1. The effective working distance is large and the working height is high. The telescopic arm structure can achieve the purpose of a longer distance, and the arm can reach a higher working height through the luffing of the arm, which is unmatched by traditional loaders.

2. It can directly load and unload goods over some obstacles. The telescopic boom device can be used for loading and unloading operations across small trenches, steps, door and window holes. Because of the negative luffing angle, the trenches on the stop surface can also be cleared, repaired, and leveled, so it is more suitable for field conditions use.

3. It has good work safety performance. The telescopic boom loader has the function of load expansion and contraction. When stacking on uneven roads, it can stop at a position far from the stacking point, and use telescopic and luffing actions to complete the loading and unloading of the goods. Cleaning and dismantling the furnace in the steelmaking workshop It's also very convenient.

4. It is easy to change a variety of attachments and expand the scope of operation.


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National Service Hotline: +86-536-3251687

Contact Address: No. 688, Yiwangfu North Road, Qingzhou City, Weifang City, Shandong Province

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