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Telescopic loader, new type loader, telescopic boom

2020-11-20 09:49:09

The telescopic boom loader is to make the two booms of the forklift into a form that can be extended. When needed, the forklift arm will extend to complete the work that the original forklift arm length cannot reach. When the forklift is not needed The arm retracts to its normal length to facilitate normal work and use. It is suitable for different sites and different industries, instead of labor, and its compactness makes it a true partner for narrow construction sites. Busy at both ends, telescopic loaders, underground loaders

At present, forklifts are one of the indispensable tools in people's production work, and due to the limitations of forklifts, many jobs will have shortcomings. The manufacturer has developed a telescopic forklift arm with great concentration to adapt to the forklift arm length required by the forklift in different work. Because the arms of the forklift are not long enough, the work efficiency of the forklift is affected. However, the forklift arm is too long also affects the operation and stability of the forklift. If the forklift arm is made to extend when needed, and shrink back to its normal length when not needed, the maneuverability and work efficiency of the forklift will be greatly improved.

Tooth-shaped joints, because the front end of the arm is connected to a bucket, which is a load-bearing arm, the friction gap between the main and jibs will increase due to friction. The contact point between the front end of the main arm and the jib is made into a tooth-shaped tooth shape, which increases the load-bearing area and expands gravity. Support point.


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Contact Address: No. 688, Yiwangfu North Road, Qingzhou City, Weifang City, Shandong Province

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